Residential Services

ALine Telecomms Engineers

With over 40 years experience ALine Telecomms engineers will help and advise on any broadband problems you may be having. We can supply and install or relocate your telephone master socket, enhanced for fibre broadband to gain the best and most reliable service from your broadband.

Poor WiFi is a major issue, ALine Telecomms can relocate your telephone master socket, your master telephone point is usually at the front of the house or perhaps its in the hall way and to provide a better WiFi service you need it in the living room or study, or somewhere more central.

Master telephone point with filtered face plate
BT master Socket with filtered faceplate

ALine Telecomms can supply and install extension telephone sockets, this could be for Sky installations, or perhaps an answering machine, or a telephone extension in a bedroom, an office, the study.

We can provide external extensions to workshops or garden rooms, and provide WiFi

Telephone and Broadband

ALine Telecomms can provide you with an external extension to a garden room, or outside workshop or garage, perhaps you have a business working from an annex or wooden lodge in your garden, ALine Telecomms can advise and supply the connection to get your communications where you want them.

Never miss a call, ALine Telecomms can supply and install extension telephone bells either in your house or outside so you can hear your telephone ringing anywhere you are.

Telephone extension points may be required for alarm systems, or perhaps you are elderly or frail and need to connect a monitoring system in case you need assistance, ALine Telecomms can make sure the installation has been done properly, to often these types of telephone extension are supplied by inexperienced and unqualified engineers and have been known to be unreliable or even cause faults on you telephone or broadband service.

Use an expert, ALine Telecomms have over 40 years experience installing telephone cabling, telephone master sockets, telephone extension points, telephone bells and external telephone services. Call now on 01603672626 and get a personal touch and not a call centre in India.